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Don’t act your age

3 min read

DNA and running men

More precisely, you don’t HAVE to act your age.  You have influence over your chronological numbers. Age is not your destiny, a life sentence etc. etc. Actually, you can change your DNA to create a healthier you. You REALLY can alter your genetic code. You are not at the mercy of your ancestral genetics, behaviorily, emotionally or physically.  In fact, your DNA double helix is not a fixed, unchanging structure, as scientists erroneously thought in the past.

DNA can morph in various ways,

through positive mental states and the power of intention. In a study by HeartMath, human DNA, contained in a sealed test tube, was influenced by test subjects trained in generating focused feelings. The DNA actually reshaped, unwinding and showing positive changes, as a result of their heart felt feelings of appreciation and love. This may be the proof that science has been looking for – you can reprogram your DNA by emotion, changing the course of your life!

Also, by the way, there are other paths to improvement, which don’t involve medical expertise. For one, spoken words and phrases can reprogram DNA, to enhance your health. Middle aged adults who fought often with their spouses, were more than twice as likely to die relatively young, in comparison with couples who rarely fought.  Even more dangerous – frequent fights with friends.  If you’re in this group, you are 2.6 times as likely to die prematurely, than the people who got along with their comrades.

And, the deadliest of all, are argumentative types who are in constant conflict with their neighbors.  These people are at more than three times the risk of dying prematurely, than their more easy going neighbors.  Even if you don’t break out into full-fledged anger and harsh words, simply brooding over your friends’ demands and worrying about them, or your loved ones, can be enough to shorten your life span.

“Don’t worry, be happy” is probably an oversimplification,

because you do want to be conscientious and mindful about your life, but if you’re constantly ruminating about your spouse, for example, your likelihood of dying is twice as high as a more “go with the flow” kind of person.

What about the children?  If you expend lots of negative energy on your kids, your odds of premature death are 55% higher than more relaxed parents.   All the connections between high stress social relationships and the likelihood of early death, studies show a more pronounced trend for men than women, and for people who were stay at home spouses vs. those who were out in the world.

The distribution in deaths, recorded in the study, were not even among people who had lots of conflict vs people who did not.  The greater the conflict, the higher the risk of earlier death. Personality is a strong indicator of mortality, when influencing social relationships.  If you’re difficult, you’re more likely to have stress in your life, encouraging your body to harm itself, by generating molecules like cortisol and pro-inflammatory cytokines.  If you are a tormented soul, you’re your own worst enemy!

Easier said than done, but learn to chill. 

It’s not worth winning the fight, if you lose to big picture, living a long, healthy life.  Start by meditating 20 minutes a day, as you open to the day’s possibilities.  You’ll be taking good care of your genes and spreading positive energy in the world.

And while you’re at it, take care of your telomeres too.  Keep those strands healthy and replicating well into your golden years.  Dr. Dave’s Best Telomere Edge Packs are an all natural supplement, designed to help preserve your telomeres.  Get started today!  The good you do comes back to you.  There’s science to prove it!