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Do you want to live a really long, healthy life?

3 min read

DNA strand

We are pioneers to a new way of thinking, a revolutionary way of viewing aging.  As researchers are finding new ways to extent your health span and lifespan, first and foremost, you’ve got to answer this question for yourself:

“Do I really want to live a really long life?”

Do you really want to?  What are you afraid of, running out of money, being a burden on your loved ones, dementia, cancer, deterioration? 

Here’s some common arguments against living longer (the CONS):

  • You need to make way for the next generation and not “suck up” scarce resources.
  • The world is changing too rapidly and with your diminishing brain, you can’t keep up.
  • You’ve outlived your usefulness and have nothing to contribute. You’ll run out of money and drag your family down with your health problems like dementia, cancer or the “withers”.
  • Once you’re done procreating, Mother Nature is done with you, so just lay down and die. (That’s extreme!)

All this stuff is fear based thoughts, no more grounded in reality than the myths handed down from generation to generation.  Would you be willing to consider the following rebuttals to these common myths? (the PROS)

  • Collaboration across generations could be a good thing and it is possible that our human race will not be overpopulated due to “self-stabilization”. The number of offspring in families get smaller, as resources are less available.
  • Contrary to what we used to think, your brain is very plastic, creating new “neural nurseries” every day. These “baby neurons” need to be stimulated to survive, so things like learning a new language, shaking up the norm and doing things differently, even using your left hand instead of your right, or mixing up your travel route to and from work, jogs your brain out of unconscious routines.
  • Social security would not necessarily go bankrupt, if older generations continue to be productive members of society, fueling the economy with our continued earnings.
  • If you could maintain and improve the health of your cells, you may avoid the “withers”.
  • If the health problems of the past, such as polio, influenza and bubonic plague have been wiped out, maybe the maladies of aging could be overcome too. For example, cancer is a disease of short telomeres. Maintaining your telomere length would help mitigate this risk.  Dave’s Best Telomere Edge Packs were designed with this in mind, to help preserve telomeres so your DNA can replicate longer and stay accurate.
  • After your reproductive years are over, resources such as hormone balancing, supplements and lifestyle changes may keep you vital, longer than you ever thought possible.
  • If you’re religious, maybe your beliefs would allow for the care and contributions you could make as an older, mature, seasoned individual. Perhaps a higher being, central energy force or whatever you believe in, would approve, if you're around longer and payback more, to future generations.
  • Trust that society will work to solve the problems that may arise from more people. Inventions like the light bulb, the printing press, automobiles, you get the picture. Trust that society will react to progress, in ways that benefit everyone.

Exciting research is being done every day.  Don’t you want to hang around to see what’s going to happen and meanwhile, while you’re hanging around, don’t you want to optimize your health so you’ll be in the best shape possible?  Try starting out with Dr. Dave’s Best Telomere Edge Packs, to help preserve your telomeres and “buy some runway” for the future.