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DNA’s not destiny

2 min read

2 men 2 DNA helixes


All around the world, researchers are linking telomere length to disease conditions. A lot of diseases are much more common, as you age and as your telomeres shorten.  This is not just coincidental.  Scientific data associates shorter telomeres with all of these aforementioned diseases. The take away? 

Take care of your telomeres and they will take care of you! It’s not just your genetics, but your lifestyle that is an even more powerful determinant, in how you age.

Don’t just accept this.  It’s easy to read up on all this stuff on the internet.  We just want you to know it’s out there.  It’s really cool to read about the mice that reversed aging when their telomerase was turned on.  They lived longer, their fur got” un-grey”, they had better nails and skin. At this point you may be saying “But I’m a man, not a mouse”. Doesn’t matter, the effect of longer telomeres is similar in a man, as it is in a mouse, so the rule applies.

If your shoe laces unravel, cells die!  What does that mean?   Essentially, the ends of your DNA strands are “capped” by telomeres, which helps keep them from unravelling.  Scientists used to think this was just “junk” but now they are much wiser.  These telomeres are what keeps your cells replicating longer.  The more healthy, undamaged cells you have, the better you feel.  You are able to protect yourself from assaults, both external and internal.

One of the first markers we see in people, who improve telomere length, is a better immune response.

If your telomeres are working right, you are better able to fend of viruses, bacteria, and other external assaults, as well as internal nasty stuff, like yeast and herpes. If you improve your immune function, you may win the battle over these attacks.

What about the big “C”?

If immune cells are working right, the cancer never gets a hold of you. Lots of cancer cells are frail and “un-deadly”. Another take away here, longer telomeres, better immune function, increased odds of managing pre cancers and cancers, because these mutated cells don’t keep multiplying and taking over your healthy cells. “An ounce of prevention” is not just an old wives tale. It certainly applies to the “rogue” cells in your body.  They never get a strong hold, because your immune system won’t let them. It won’t even let them develop in the first place. 

Your body is amazing in its capacity to heal itself.  Respect this ability.  Feed and nurture it. Help your body do its thing, by taking care of your telomeres. Dr. Dave’s Best Telomere Edge Packs is designed to help, why not start right now?