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Can you cheat death?

2 min read

Brain on treadmill

How about cheat the death of your brain cells?

 The news is encouraging, as scientists at Soul National University are shedding considerable light on the subject, by creating a blood test which detects beta amyloid in your blood stream. (The same protein plaques that accumulate around nerve cells and are thought to be one of the possible causes of Alzheimer’s.)

 The research is significant because the blood test is a whole lot cheaper than high end PET scans of your brain and that’s great news, since the diagnostic is capable of alerting you to amyloid build up, before you show any symptoms, buying you runway - more time to address your cognitive issues.

This disease process is progressing for years, before you’re aware of it, so the sooner you can address it, the better.

 Yes, there’s a lot of progress in understanding Alzheimer’s, going on in South Korea these days.  In addition to simplifying plaque detection in blood and its correlation in the brain, more studies at Seoul National University further identify the process involved in how insulin degrading enzyme (IDE) breaks down beta amyloid plus insulin, simultaneously.

 Scientists are expecting huge gains from these discoveries, contributing to therapy for Alzheimer’s, involving this degradation.

 All this future pacing is GREAT, but what can you do in the meantime, setting you up to take advantage of all these scientific breakthroughs to come?

Well, you are in charge of the care and feeding of your brain on a day to day basis.

Dr. Dave’s Best Instant Brain Power  is an all-natural cognitive supplement, doctor designed to help you optimize your brain function.

The next step is “you gotta move around”. Research data is in, say neuroscientists. One of the greatest things you can do, to preserve brain function, is physical exercise.

Moving helps your blood flow.  Better blood flow translates into more nutrients and oxygen, infusing your brain tissues. This improved circulation fuels your neural nurseries, as you form new brain cells, all the time.

 After age 20, your memory decreases, as your hippocampus gets smaller, about 1% a year, but you can counteract this, by exercising.  As your memory gets better, your mood improves.

 And the list goes on! Movement can help spark creativity, albeit temporarily, but thinking outside the box has its pluses.  Approaching challenges from new and different angles can be a huge advantage, in today’s fast paced “turn on a dime” society.

 Turns out, this exercise benefit has been hard wired in the human brain for over 10,000 years. Prehistoric man needed to explore new frontiers, chase food and escape from predators, using their brain power on high alert. Upgraded for modern times, so do you.

 Now, is not too soon to start!  You don’t need to be a star athlete.  Anything that incorporates physical activity, on a daily basis, will help your cognitive ability. 

Pair that up with proper nutrition and a powerful dietary supplement like Dr. Dave’s Best Instant Brain Power, so you’re set to take advantage of all the enlightening research, in years to come.