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Can you avoid dementia’s plaques and tangles?

2 min read

Brain power

Best to escape them all together.  Disruptions in your body’s regulatory mechanisms can contribute to untold suffering.  Today, roughly 5.4 million Americans suffer from dementia and the data is climbing.

It’s ranked as the third leading cause of death, definitely a cause for concern.  What’s the future, if you can’t remember who or where you are? A life well lived, is one of the fondest gifts old age offers. Don’t let any form of dementia steal your treasured memories, encumber your loved ones or burden the already overtaxed medical system.

Sometimes referred to as “Type 3 diabetes”, your brain's insulin resistance is one of the risk factors for cognitive impairment, coupled with poor diet, high blood pressure and lack of aerobic exercise, all of which may cause brain cell death.

Currently, prevention is the only way to avoid poorly understood brain diseases.  Omega 3s have documented arterial protective effects and may help reduce cognitive deterioration.  While many Americans are not optimizing their Omega 3s, those who do experience the benefits fish oil has to offer:

  • Increased levels of EPA/DHA in your blood
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory effects
  • Prevents platelet stickiness (clot avoidance)
  • Lower blood fats and larger LDL (bad cholesterol) particle size

All of which, help improve brain function and avoid various forms of dementia and ischemic strokes.  Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85helps insure against the cognitive deterioration that plagues many aging Americans.

Brain cell death may not be a life sentence, for sure, but it’s definitely a risk, as you age and accumulate toxins, mutations and malfunctioning cells.  Choking off your neurons and starving them of key nutrients, causes them to atrophy, robbing you of speech, memory and personality.

Fortunately, your brain is 60% fat, nourished by good fats like the kind found in fish oil. As long as purity is not a concern, you are adding key nutrition to the “chemical soup” found in your grey matter.

Healthy habits over time help optimize your brain power.  Steer clear of sugars and grains, artificial sweeteners and tofu.

Manage the inflammation that occurs as a byproduct of daily living and set yourself up for a brighter future, by sourcing high quality, animal-based Omega 3s like Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85.