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Can we get all of our nutrients from food? Do we need to take a multivitamin?

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Dr. Dave's Best Monster Multi with Minerals

Ideally, we would get all of our vitamins and minerals from our food, however with the Standard Modern Diet, the depletion of our soil, the GMO disaster and the industrialization of food – even if we eat a “perfect diet”it’s still unlikely we are getting optimal levels of the nutrients we need for our body and mind.

Including a top quality, full spectrum multivitamin into your diet is imperative to ensure that you are absorbing and assimilating everything you need to live a healthy and happy life.

 Every bodily system from energy production, to mood regulation, proper digestion and efficient muscle function depends on having sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals. The best multivitamin to take will include the full range of B vitamins, vitamin D & E as well as a complex of minerals and plant botanicals and support. However...

 Not all multivitamins are created equal.

 Both the quantity and quality of ingredients in the multivitamin makes the world of difference. Although plastic decorative oranges and apples may look delicious, they have no nutritional value – same goes for low end synthetic multivitamins that can be found cheaply on the shelves of your local drugstore.


Avoid Synthetic Vitamins. Consume Quality Natural Health Products.

 Most often, if you are shopping for your supplements at discount stores, you may be shortchanging yourself. The majority of off-the-shelf products use low quality synthetic isolate forms for certain important vitamins. Although it saves a few dollars, the benefit is also substantially less in terms of supporting optimal health.

 These synthetic partial vitamins are combined with chemicals, which makes them very different from vitamins from real food. These fractionated pieces are simply not the same.

 By consuming low quality synthesized chemical vitamins, your body only absorbs a small percentage of the good stuff, while needing to process the bad stuff; this is counter productive. Additionally, people can experience side effects of certain synthetic vitamins due to the fact that their nutrients are vastly imbalanced and the body doesn't recognize this artificial form.

 You want to be sure that your multivitamin benefits you and offers a real and significant contribution to your health.

The Best Multivitamins Must Meet These Criteria:

  1. Be made by a reputable company with the highest-quality manufacturing practices.
  2. Go beyond the RDA (recommended daily allowance) guidelines for vitamins to promote OPTIMAL levels of health.
  3. Include essential minerals and plant botanicals to add an additional component of nutritional support.

Dr. Dave's Best Monster Multi

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