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Calorie Counting’s gone out of style

2 min read

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So long, deprivation and hunger pangs.  The data is in –  Single mindedly tracking calories doesn’t work. It’s not a simple equation.

 Starving yourself has several inherent flaws: 

  1. Your body doesn’t get the nutrition it needs to function effectively.
  2. You are biologically programmed to protect your fat stores. As you eat less, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy.  If your brain thinks it’s starving, your body responds, trying to keep you alive, making it almost impossible to lean out.
  3. There’s a high incidence of failure, as you overcompensate, by eating all the high calorie foods you’ve previously given up, because your will power is diminished.
  4. It’s just not sustainable. Next thing you know, you're back where you started, or even worse.

A calorie is not a calorie, when you’re looking at macro nutrients.  It’s a unit of energy, but not all foods are created equal.  Calories from kale don’t have the same metabolic effect as equivalent calories from a donut.

And, always keep in mind, fat is not the enemy, sugar is.

While sugar and carbs may temporarily satisfy you, the price you pay is not worth it.  You’re looking at an energy crash, as insulin cleans up the sugar spike in your blood, leaving you even more ravenous, exhausted and moody.  It’s a vicious circle, “chasing your tail”.

There’s a lot to be said for satiety.  It squashes cravings, so you’re a lot less likely to give in to bad food decisions.  In fact, you don’t even desire the bad stuff, in the first place.  Your body responds to carbs very differently than it does to fats.  Carbs make you crave more carbs, while fats help control your ghrelin, the hormone that makes you hungry.

Cereal for breakfast makes you "starving" before lunch.  A high protein meal of bacon and eggs – no problem.  Your focus and energy will get you through the morning, without triggering your hunger or crashing your stamina.

That’s the power of good fats plus protein.

Research confirms, you just don’t get the appetite suppression from carbs, that you do from eating more fat and protein, despite what the food pyramid recommends.

If you need a bit of help managing your cravings, balancing your sugar and targeting fat burning, Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace combines natural compounds to help you get results.

Another problem with secreting insulin:  insulin is a fat storage hormone that signals any extra glucose, you don’t use for energy, into fat. Hello muffin top!  Good by six pack!

As you release higher and higher levels of insulin, your cells may become more and more resistant to it, so you release even more insulin!  Next thing you know, another slippery slope, your body has turned on itself and your pancreas is "shot". Left unchecked, Type 2 diabetes may be in your future.

Take control of your muffin top and maybe even, ultimately, your life.  Manage your blood sugar, cravings and overall appetite with Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace.