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Break free from the Enemy Within

2 min read

Break free from the Enemy Within

When everything’s working as it should, your body is a remarkable “machine” capable of growth and self-healing. Despite the abuses you put yourself through, you’re typically back on your feet in no time, until you’re NOT! 


When internal systems designed to protect you, betray you instead, disrupting your recovery and causing further damage, these processes can turn chronic. While your body is well equipped to react to acute insults and injuries, by triggering a temporary response, inflammation gone wild, can lead to endless joint pain, stiffness and swelling, a very limiting, restrictive condition.


The greater your pain, the less you move. It’s a vicious cycle, a downward spiral, as you’re trapped inside an ailing body, losing precious vitality and mobility!


You’ve gotta break free! Time to take control and ease through your days, pain free. How? By calming and managing your inflammation before it turns chronic. Researchers find that Omega 3s, specifically found in cold water ocean fish, are a powerful weapon in the war against inflammation.


Osteo arthritis is a very common, degenerative condition caused by ongoing wear and tear on joints, or the aftermath of acute injuries, once they’ve “healed”. While the exact cause of rheumatoid arthritis is unknown, scientists have narrowed it down to genetics, immune system reaction and environmental factors.


If you’re one of the suffering millions, doctors may try to help you keep ahead of the pain with analgesics, or even opioids, which mask your symptoms, but do little to treat the underlying causes. Meanwhile, you’re at risk for ulcers, liver and kidney damage, or even worse, powerful addictions.


Recently, medicine has turned toward a more natural therapy - fish oil, to calm your swelling and pain. EPA and DHA, essential fatty acids sourced in fish oil, help block inflammatory chemicals like cytokines and prostaglandins, changing them into just the opposite, anti-inflammatory. Now your body is back in sync. All this with no side effects, as each and every cell membrane is nourished with the Omega 3s it needs to function well, on a daily basis.


Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85 is the highest concentration, purest and environmentally sourced fish oil, you can find. Doctor designed and tested, these Omega 3s help put the spring back in your step while your body functions as it was meant to, efficient and pain free.