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Body, Brain, Heart and Soul

1 min read

Wellness stone

If there was ever such a thing as the missing link to the absolute best health you can have, it has to be fish oil.

Recent studies have outlined benefits in the following areas:

  • Heart health
  • Brain health
  • Eye health
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Improved bone density
  • Probably reduction in prostate, breast, colon, skin and many other cancers

Gel cap on a fish hook

 But the big hook is you need to consistently take the purest forms of fish oil for several reasons.

 First, the scientific one:  A Finnish study showed that mercury from fish oil can completely negate any beneficial effects on the heart that fish oil may give you otherwise.

 No studies were done on the brain, but we all know how sensitive that organ is to toxins and how it protects itself with the blood/brain barrier.

 Next, it’s highly likely that you will want to stay on fish oil, forever.  Since it’s an essential fatty acid, you can only get it through diet and supplementation.  Your body can never make it.

 Why would you want to take anything less than the most pure and safe fish oil you can get, that meets the purity standards defined by pharmaceutical grade?

 What about environmentally sustainable sourced fish?  Got that covered too with Alaskan Pollock, with the added benefit of astaxanthin, the natural red pigment derived from the diet these fish eat.

 Help protect your body, brain, heart and soul with Dr. Dave’s Best Wild Red Fish Oil. We’ve got you covered from head to toe.

Dr. Dave's Best Wild Red Fish Oil