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“Big Guns” take on the Tell-Tale Tangles

2 min read

Brain puzzle

A growing threat and burden on our health care system, Alzheimer’s is on the rise, to the tune of 5 million Americans, living with this disease and projections expected to approach 16 million, by 2050.

Lucky for all of us, the heavy hitters are stepping up to help find a cure.  In a recent blog, broadcast by CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta elaborates on Bill Gates latest initiative, to research “outside of the box” theories on what causes brain deterioration.  Gates will contribute $50 million to the Dementia Discovery Fund, a research partnership dedicated to finding a solution.

Gates himself, is very hopeful that science can, at least, help improve treatment of the disease, with the ultimate goal being a cure.  His mission is personal, his dedication, total.  This investment in research and capital comes none too soon, since, unfortunately, the drug trials to date, have dragged on and resulted in repeated failures.

Physicians have been aware of this disease, for a century now, with marginal progress toward understanding the symptoms.  Until recently, the only way to diagnose Alzheimer’s, for sure, was to look at a deceased person’s brain under a microscope. Now, imaging technology shows the tell-tale tangles inside the neurons, that block their ability to communicate.

By the time amyloid proteins are clumping together, Alzheimer’s is already raging inside the brain, causing symptoms like confusion, personality changes and memory loss.  Unfortunately, this disease process probably starts twenty years sooner, initially symptom free until the cell’s ability to transmit messages goes haywire!

As science gains insight on prevention, diagnosis and management, the best you can do is make conscientious lifestyle choices:

  • Exercise, both resistance and cardio vascular training.
  • Manage your blood sugar.
  • Continue to learn new things, to keep your brain plastic.
  • Stay socially involved.
  • Nourish your brain with an all natural cognitive enhancer like Dave’s Best Instant Brain Power.

Part of the reason Alzheimer’s has become the sixth leading cause of death in the US, may be due to the growth in our older population, coupled with fewer deaths from other chronic diseases and improved reporting methods but, what good is a longer life-span, if our health is severely compromised?

Early intervention is the answer for now, as more support and insight are dedicated to this growing health problem, touching more and more of us, as time marches on.

Bill Gates, a thought leader and national icon, has seen the light.  He’s part of the solution - It’s time to take action and turn failure around! 

As scientists identify at risk individuals, identify symptoms sooner rather than later, and hopefully, move toward a cure, taking care of yourself, in the meantime buys you time.

Position yourself to take advantage of all the breakthroughs to come.  Dr. Dave’s Best Instant Brain Power, an all-natural cognitive enhancer, may help you stay sharp and focused, remembering the good times, all throughout your life.