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Astaxanthin, an A-List antioxidant

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Dried algae

This rich red pigment found naturally, in fresh water micro algae is rapidly emerging as a key antioxidant, to health conscious advocates and consumers.

Astaxanthin is the subject of more and more research, both in the lab and in human studies, probably due to its potential benefits in so many areas.  The list is long and distinguished.  The positive effects are derived from tiny, little algae that produces pigment to protect its fragile self from the harsh effects of intense sunlight and drought conditions.


Resilience is the best way to characterize this antioxidant’s many positive effects on your body’s organs, systems and cells.

 Here is the formidable list:

  • Protects cells, both inside and out, astaxanthin permeates fat-soluble and water soluble cell components.
  • Enhances athleticism by increasing endurance/strength and reducing recovery time.
  • Supports heart health by penetrating the mitochondria residing in your heart muscle.
  • Crosses the blood/brain barrier which allows it to protect your neurons, and in turn motor function and cognition.
  • Manages inflammation five ways, while keeping system balance and never turning pro-oxidant, even at high doses.
  • Guards your skin, shielding against sun damage and wrinkles while increasing hydration and elasticity.
  • While it protects your skin against UV rays, it does not inhibit your ability to convert vitamin D, a crucial hormone for health and well-being.
  • Improves eyesight and depth perception by penetrating the blood/retinal barrier.
  • Addresses GI diseases, liver ailments, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and kidney problems.
  • Helps joint inflammation like arthritis and carpal tunnel

How much more broad-spectrum can you get?!

 One of a kind, this antioxidant neutralizes oxidative damage at higher magnitudes than many other antioxidants, like vitamins C and E. Donating free electrons at multiple levels, astaxanthin absorbs and diffuses free radicals, thus protecting the cell membranes of every cell in your body.

It’s neuro protective effects make astaxanthin potentially very effective against age-related cognitive issues like strokes, Alzheimers and vascular dementia.

 With cognitive decline approaching epidemic proportions, this multifaceted antioxidant is showing tremendous potential both as a preventative as well as mitigating factor.

Expect to see a lot more data and research on this A-List antioxidant.