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Are You Well Fed, but Nutritionally Starved?

2 min read

Are You Well Fed, but Nutritionally Starved?

In a country that offers more than enough to eat and a wide array of choices, many of you may still have nutritional deficiencies. Despite today’s abundance, there is a lack of vitamins and minerals in today’s food supply. Assuming you’re already making healthy food choices, you’re on the right path, but you may still fall short of your daily requirements.

In the last fifty years, depleted soils, added pesticides, and mass farming techniques have stripped food crops of their nutrients. Continuing declines in air, water, and soil quality, further compromise the nourishment once found in our harvests. Extensive chemical agriculture adds toxins to an already lacking ground cover.

Alarmingly, the earth’s soil resources are declining at a rate which farming can’t keep pace. So, how do YOU keep up? Provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs by adding a high-quality multivitamin to your daily regimen.

Dr. Dave’s Best Monster Multivitamin with minerals is a premium, doctor-designed and tested, non-GMO supplement, created to provide the compounds you need at optimum levels. This pharmaceutical-grade supplement meets or exceeds all FDA Minimum Daily Allowances for both men and women.

It may surprise you that lack of regulation in the field of nutraceuticals, results in anyone and everyone designing multivitamins, often with no regard for the actual benefits they are touted to provide. Impostors, with an “everything but the kitchen sink” attitude, may delude you into thinking you’re taking care of your health, but are you? You may be getting little more than expensive urine.

And what about the manufacturing conditions involved in creating your multivitamins? Dr. Dave’s Best Monster Multi is created under pharmaceutical grade conditions, preventing residual contamination often found in other supplements.

The Hippocratic Oath binds physicians. They pledge to “first do no harm.” This commitment follows through in everything they do, including creating supplements to optimize your health daily.

So, choose carefully. Provide your body with the best nutrients you can. Team up with Dr. Dave’s Best Monster Multi, the multivitamin with minerals, the highly absorbable compounds, to help prop you up where your diet falls short.