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Are you straddling two worlds, but optimizing neither?

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Electric brain

Many of us are, as our ancient hunter gatherer metabolisms haven’t caught up to our modern-day life styles.

While you should be able to effectively transition and alternate fuel sources, burning either carbs or fat for energy, a lot of people develop insulin resistance, compromising their efficiency at both.

No longer nimble at either one, this lack of flexibility unleashes a cascade of events, resulting in insulin insensitivity and inflammation, a condition at the root of most, if not all chronic health conditions. 

Resolving this problem is critical to your brain functioning at its best and avoiding the high price aging extracts, on your vital cognitive skills.  Things like:

  • Avoiding vascular dementia
  • Preserving processing speed (Fast thinking)
  • Helping prevent cognitive decline
  • Reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s

Back in the day, ancient man easily transitioned from burning carbs, when fall fruits were ripe for the pickin’, to burning fat, when successful hunting provided an abundant supply of meat.  So, metabolic flexibility was key to survival, a response to uncertain, inconsistent food sources.

In today’s world, characteristics of the Standard American Diet can leave you trapped in “no man’s land”, unable to efficiently generate energy from either fat or carbs, leaving you exhausted, chronically inflamed and deteriorating mentally – a recipe for disaster!

Fortunately, the protocol to help avoid this, isn’t all that complicated:

  • Eat – high quality, pesticide free and unprocessed food
  • Move – aerobic is good, resistance is even better
  • Socialize – maintain meaningful, supportive connections
  • Manage stress - meditate, avoid rumination and obsessive thoughts
  • Intellectual stimulation – absorbing hobbies, new languages, musical instruments
  • Add nutritional support to your nerve tissues with Dr. Dave’s Best Instant Brain Power

Time is of the essence.  The sooner you start, the better your odds are for avoiding the disease process, that steals your memory and ultimately your identity.  Simple, but not easy, changing behaviors may have profound effects on your quality of life.

Be encouraged, there’s a lot of research conducted on aging brains, but be mindful, that prevention and a healthy lifestyle, over time, is your best bet, for an optimum cognitive future.  Phasing in positive changes until they become second nature will provide the foundation for managing inflammation.

Guarding your brain power is well worth the effort.  It will serve you well, as you navigate life’s many challenges.

Dr. Dave’s Best Instant Brain Power, containing powerful antioxidants and brain support compounds is designed to help you build a better brain, now and throughout your promising future.