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Are you getting smarter while you sleep?

2 min read

Are you getting smarter while you sleep?

Get a degree from Sleep U.

 Far from being an idle pastime, regenerative sleep is necessary and very productive for your brain.  Your head needs time to “organize the filing cabinets”, prioritize important memories and inhibit the insignificant ones, allowing you to focus on what’s valuable.

 All this happens when you sleep.  Your brain gets ready for the next day, creating new neural circuitry, to help you learn and recall information. Organizing memories may solidify your emotions, thus freeing up your creativity and decision-making ability. This “cerebral pruning” enhances your waking moments, improving things like academic performance, attention and retention capability.

 Studies show that adequate, quality sleep helps you:  problem solve, adapt to change and control your emotions, all valuable skills in academia or the work place.

 Turns out, this business of living is messy. Shut eye enhances toxin removal from your brain cells.  As the lymphatic system services your body, so does the glymphatic system service your brain.

 This trash removal system is ten times more powerful when you sleep, as your glia cells flush brain tissues with cerebral spinal fluid, carrying waste out of your head and into your blood stream, where it’s eliminated by your liver.  One of these toxins is amyloid-beta, a harmful protein blamed for Alzheimer’s.

 To date there’s no cure for Alzheimer’s. Despite extensive research, this disease is approaching epidemic proportions.

Probably not a bad idea to do whatever you can to sleep as well as possible, for as long as possible.  Yes, there’s hope for cognitive cures, but to date, none are on the horizon, a very scary prospect.  In the meantime, try Dr. Dave’s Best Sleep Wizard, an all-natural supplement designed to get you to sleep and keep you there, throughout the night.

Taking out the trash is not the only issue your brain is faced with. To add insult to injury, your blood-brain barrier becomes more penetrable as you age, which means more toxins “get through the net”.  Even more problematic, as you get on in years and your hormones fluctuate, catching Z’s is harder and harder. Your sleep cycles are interrupted and you may miss high quality REM sleep, as well as the deep phase.

 So, sleep is not a luxury, it’s a must have, otherwise your brain cells are taxed beyond capacity.  Your brain is not designed to function on alert all the time, without adequate rest.  As neurons fire incessantly, they produce free radicals that kill these brain cells, if too much oxidative damage accumulates.

Left unchecked, sleep deficiency has been linked to cognitive problems like depression, mood swings, rage and even suicide! There’s a whole lot of other bad effects throughout your body, but that’s for another blog. 


Meanwhile, you really can’t afford to be anything less than your best! Get a handle on your sleep issues with Dr. Dave’s Best Sleep Wizard.  Your present and your future depends on it!