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Are you as sharp as you want to be?

2 min read

Are you as sharp as you want to be?

Do you focus, remember, and make the right decisions? If not, you could become more alert and high functioning, if you sleep better.

Do you suffer from exhaustion, bad moods, and poor judgment? You'll likely be able to fix your issues, with high-quality sleep. Dr. Dave's Best Sleep Wizard allows you to drift off naturally and to sustain your sleep through the night. You wake up rested, refreshed, and ready to take on the day's challenges.

While the neuroscience of sleep is still a mystery, researchers know that new learning and memory consolidation take place during your 4 to 5 sleep phases that you should be cycling through every night, during your 7 to 8 hours of high-quality shut-eye.

Good sleep helps your clarity, memory, and decision making. Are you facing a dilemma? Are you trying to solve a problem? Sleep on it – not just an "old wives' tale," but good advice, as your brain helps you synthesize thoughts and leads you to discover better solutions. Quality sleep is critical for high-level thinking and creative problem-solving.

By now, you probably realize that good sleep hygiene is a must, not a luxury. Don't wait until you collapse in a "heap." There's no catching up on sleep debt, since you can't store it, you need rest and recovery every night. It's like "money in the bank."

The nerve connections that help you remember are fortified on a nightly basis as sleep embeds (pun intended) your learning and daily encounters, creating short-term, then long-term memories.

Sleepiness may cause you to misplace and forget things. If you can't concentrate on what's going on, you won't integrate learning. Prolonged exhaustion may affect your mood and ability to cope with stress. Depression due to lack of sleep is a vicious cycle you want to avoid at all costs. That fuzzy, detached, disengaged feeling is no way to be, in the world. On the opposite end of the spectrum, ADD and ADHD symptoms present the same way as poor quality and insufficient sleep.

Bad things happen when you're not well-rested. The good news is there's help and the sooner, the better. Rise and meet your challenges. Get the most out of every day with Dr. Dave's Best Sleep Wizard. Better nights bring brighter days!