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Apple or pear, we don’t care

2 min read


Much has been made of body type and weight loss.  A number of studies have outlined the role of genetics, body type and sugar metabolism, to explain all sorts of reasons why it’s harder, for some people, to lose weight and keep it off.  Others seem to effortlessly maintain without even trying.

 But how much does it really matter and what can you do to stack the odds in your favor?

 Step, by step, here goes:

  • Genetics matters, but not as much as you think. It does not usually determine the ultimate outcome, or at least, the timing of the ultimate outcome. If your family is fat, you can still be lean.  It doesn’t mean that beating your genes is “fair” or easy.

 Basically, Mother Nature designed you to survive and thrive in uncertain times, during feast or famine conditions.  Over centuries, “thrifty genes”, the ones that encourage your body to hold onto fat and burn it sparingly, like it or not, have been advantageous to us, as a species.

  • Regarding exercise, we’re designed to do that, too. Studies show that exercise combined with weight loss, reduces heart disease. Since that is still the number one killer of men and women in this country and elsewhere, that makes the diet exercise combo a number one anti-aging therapy.
  • So, who does have it easier, apples or pears? The apples have a lot of central fat. Often you see this in mididle aged men, with big guts.  This is visceral fat, the dangerous kind that increases your odds for cardio vascular disease. These folks respond, especially fast, to decreased sugar and the resulting insulin secretion decrease.  They lose weight fast, on high protein and low carb diets and keep it off, well.

 The pears have a tougher time as the fat goes to the lower half.  This describes a lot of middle aged women.  These folks also do OK with the low carb diet but calorie restriction is even more important, since insulin and sugar play less of a role.

If you’re going to do it, do it right.  Patience, consistency and no extremes.

  • Metabolism becomes the final common denominator here. Reduce calories, reduce sugar, reduce sweets and increase activity. All this cranks up your metabolism, but, by the time you get to middle age, it’s not easy.  It takes longer, the results are slower and the outcomes far from predicted.

Difficult, yes, impossible, no, and definitely well worth the effort.  Get started now.  Help yourself reach your weight loss goals and stay there.  Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace is designed to do just that.  Try some now, and regain control of your metabolism. It’s never too late!