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Adventures in Costa Rica – Thank goodness for Dr. Dave's Best

3 min read

Girl jumping on beach

Spending two months in Costa Rica has been amazing, but certainly not without it's obstacles!

 As a holistic nutritional practitioner and yoga instructor I was blessed with many opportunities to enjoy paradise ,while still getting my health food and restorative exercise fix, however, as a digital entrepreneur, staying balanced, finding a good Wifi signal and getting enough sleep has been challenging!

 Maintaining a healthy diet while travelling for an extensive period of time is crucial for anyone's well-being.  In most of the main tourist spots such as San Jose, the pacific coast and Nosara, every restaurant menu has plenty of healthy and delicious options, not to mention several flavors of locally brewed Kombucha!


Healthy food


However, while in the more remote towns and on the many travel days, you are hard pressed to find more than convenience foods, sweet breads, fried plantains or the typical rice and beans.




While all totally delicious, the days of eating this way definitely had me feeling more bloated and inflamed than normal.

(Thank goodness for my Wild Red Fish Oil from Dr. Dave's Best to keep me balanced!).


Dr. Dave's Best Wild Red Fish Oil


Also, due to the wild tropical climate, extremely high temperatures and being more active outdoors, I felt that I needed an extra boost of my vitamins. I am so used to getting my superfood smoothies and mega salads, that without the saving grace of my amazing multi vitamin, I would have been feeling depleted.


Although people believe that we can get all of our nutrients from the fresh fruit and vegetables, I follow a more paleo style of diet, and avoid fruits that have been sprayed with pesticides, so taking a high quality, full spectrum multi like Dr. Dave's Best Monster Multi with Minerals, complimented my Costa Rican diet and kept me feeling energized and nutrient fortified!

 As for wifi and sleep, being in the middle of the jungle poses fun challenges. On the one hand it is amazing to be out in nature and disconnect from the noise of the world, especially the digital world, however when it comes to getting work done, sometimes you just need a good connection, (and a good night's rest!!)


Girl doing yoga on the beach


Let me tell you a story of the scariest experience of my life.On one of the first nights in the retreat centre I awoke to the sound of a literal DEMON. It was 4:30 in the morning and I jumped 10 feet out of bed, due to the sounds of a screeching demonic creature, directly outside my tent.

The howling, torturous moans lasted for approximately 15 minutes, before fading off into the distance (my heart exploding out of my chest this whole time). I later found out that the jungles of Costa Rica are home to innocent, yet beyond terrifying sounding howler monkeys.


Howler Monkey


If you have never heard a howler monkey's screech before, you're fortunate. It actually sounds just like the devil.

 I seriously regretted not taking my Sleep Wizard with me. What a mistake. Next trip, that bottle is most certainly being tucked into my carry-on! I learned my lesson with that one!!


Dr. Dave's Best Sleep Wizard


**P.s. Maybe it's not howler monkeys keeping you awake at night, but Dr. Dave's Best Sleep Wizard is great for stress, insomnia or poor sleep in general. If you are like the other millions of Americans that have sleep troubles, this natural health product is worth checking out!

All in all, my time in Costa Rica has been magical, I have marvelled in the majestic forests, valleys, mountains and beaches, enjoyed the people, culture and food and been blessed by the sun and beautiful weather! Travelling is a blessing, and having my trusted supplements with me in my holistic medicine cabinet has been central to keeping me healthy and balanced while on the go! Thanks Dr. Dave and Biostem Wellness!

With love,

Samantha Lotus