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A Map from Mother Nature

2 min read

A Map from Mother Nature

Ah caffeine, that seemingly life-giving substance we all love to consume on a daily basis. Whether it’s kick starting our morning with a fresh cup of our favorite fair trade, dark roast pour-over, or an ice-cold energy drink after lunch to keep the mind sharp and maintain that pep in our step, it seems we all do it.


But, as the day goes on, you feel your energy plummet, leaving you spent, long before you’ve crossed that last item off your to do list. The ironic part is, when it comes time to go to bed, your brain is still racing 100mph from the soaking of stimulants throughout the day, and you can’t fall asleep. These caffeine fueled days can lead to problems more dangerous than insomnia, such as heart arrhythmias, panic attacks and even strokes.


The best way to ensure an awake and alert day, is to start with a full and restful sleep at night. Fortunately, your body is designed to sync up with circadian rhythms, the natural wake/sleep cycles that ebb and flow in response to light. This exposure modulates your wakefulness, peaking by afternoon and gradually diminishing as the sun goes down and you slowly drift off to sleep.


In an ideal world, we’d all be plugged into these rhythms. But, because of work, school, and life in general, many of us have lost our way.  Mother Nature, we need a map, show us the way back!


Dr. Dave’s Best, harnessing the power of natural compounds, steps up with a morning/evening approach we call the AM/PM Synergy Pack. By coupling Instant Brain Power and Sleep Wizard, we have created a bundle designed to mirror your natural circadian rhythms.


Wake up and tune in, with Instant Brain Power, a cocktail of brain boosting vitamins and amino acids created to help you rise and shine- alert, awake and ready to meet your challenges. Derived from a formula originally purposed to naturally stimulate brain activity in coma patients, it works wonders with a conscious brain.


Waking up is only half the battle. When it’s time to wind down, Sleep Wizard and it’s bounty of natural sedatives help to relax you, setting the stage for restful, restorative sleep. This restful sleep is a critical component to the circadian circle and a naturally awake and alert day.


Both Instant Brain Power and Sleep Wizard are highly effective on their own, but by ordering them in the AM/PM Synergy Pack you save 10% off the regular price. Subscribe to monthly automated delivery and save an ADDITIONAL 10% off your subscription each month. And so it goes, - begin again, brighter days through better nights. Dr. Dave’s Best AM/PM Synergy Pack enhances your body’s natural rhythms, sunrise to sunset.