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A little, in the middle, is a dangerous thing

2 min read

Chalk progression of woman chubby to fit

It’s just a few extra pounds, you tell yourself, but even a little bit of extra weight can disrupt your circulation, when it’s accumulated around your belly, increasing your risk for high blood pressure and other cardio vascular problems.

The cells that line your blood vessels, endothelial cells, are crucial for blood vessel function.  They contract and dilate the vessel, controlling the blood flow.  If these cells are damaged, the vessel’s function can be compromised and eventually, blood vessel disease and high blood pressure set in.

Even a little bit of weight, if it’s in your belly, will tend to disrupt the function of endothelial cells, a key indication of healthy circulation.

What can you do to beat the battle of the bulge? Basically, lead a very healthy lifestyle.

  • Exercise
  • Keep your weight down
  • Don’t smoke. If you do quit.
  • Keep your blood vessels healthy with Dr. Dave’s Best CoQ10

CoQ10 helps you generate the energy you need and also acts as a powerful antioxidant, fending off free radical damage, the kind of damage that wreaks havoc on your cells and organs, including the lining of your blood vessels.

Research shows that maintaining young, flexible blood vessels is more dependent on lifestyle than genetics.  After years of bad eating habits and sitting too much, otherwise known as the American lifestyle, you pay a high price for neglect. Vessels stiffen, blood pressure goes up and the next thing you know, your risk factors for stroke and heart disease are significant!

It’s well worth the effort, as studies on the brachial artery (the one in your arm) have shown. Test subjects were selected to either gain nine pounds, or maintain their current, normal weight.  The group who increased their weight, showed diminished dilation of the brachial artery.  But, as soon as they dropped the excess pounds and returned to normal, their brachial artery responded and began dilating properly again.

So, don’t dismiss those few extra pounds and by all means don’t let them creep up on you.  Your blood vessels hate excess belly fat, but they’re also very forgiving, and will reverse their dysfunction, if you manage your middle.

Believe it or not, it’s actually possible to have a healthy circulatory system, well into your seventies. Possible but not easy, is the key.  Vigilance, over many years has its rewards.  One of them is youthful blood vessels.

Of course,  you’re a busy, involved person, with lots of challenges and commitments. No need to turn into a gym rat or workout obsessively.  Dr. Dave’s Best CoQ10 will help you generate energy and set you up for success.  Start it today and keep your vitality flowing all the days of your life.