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6 Things to avoid in your search for slim

3 min read

Food on forks

You may be working out regularly and trying to eat less, but these 6 things can put the nail in anyone’s “reduction regimen”.

Number 1  Fast food. 

So you go to McArby's to get a salad. Better take it home and put some lo cal dressing on it, and watch those dried cranberries.

There are enough of them in there to give you the sugar of 2 candy bars.

While you are at it, add some broccoli to the salad, as well.

Most attempts that any fast food chain has made, to introduce a real low- fat food or menu have failed miserably. Major chains study food chemistry meticulously, to get you addicted and coming back for more.

Here is a fast food substitute - veggie burgers. They can go from frozen to hot in less than 2 minutes in the microwave.

Skip the bun, the fries and make 2 burgers with low or no fat dressing. Have some green tea along with it and piece of fruit.

Much, much, better.

Number 2  Super sized portions.

If you ever go abroad, you are likely to be appalled at the portion sizes.

 How much do they give you over there? Just enough. You won't walk out of one of these places stuffed, but you won't walk out hungry either.

 Most of the people reading this were not born in the depression. It is not a sin to push food away. It's your body and your stomach. Listen to them.

 If you’re conditioned to eat larger portions, you may need some help weaning yourself down to normal sized meals.  Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace,  not only contains raspberry ketones, a thermogenic compound that specifically targets fat cells, but also has appetite suppressants and sugar balancers to support your hunger hormones.

Number 3  Scale watching.

Since many popular diets have you lose water weight first, I think you should invest in a fat monitor scale. These days, they are less than a hundred bucks and it's money, well spent.

 If you go on Atkins or South Beach, don't be too surprised if the weight goes down, but the fat goes up. Water loss will do just that. Your fat loss will start after about 3 to 4 weeks, on these diets.

 With a fat scale, you can't kid yourself and say, "I am going to the gym, so maybe it’s muscle I am gaining."

Most workout programs will take a minimum of 6 weeks of dedicated practice, to actually start putting any measurable muscle on your frame.

 The first couple of weeks you will be appearing to gain strength rapidly, as your body "learns" the exercise and recruits available muscle fibers more efficiently.

Number 4  Eating at bedtime.

This is pretty much the worst time you can eat. Not because you will extract more calories as you sleep, as some people believe, but because you are supposed to be resting. Dumping food in your body, right before you go to bed, will interfere with all the restorative actions of sleep, including all the hormone secretions I talked about earlier.

This will leave you tired, listless and unable to get your metabolism to respond well to exercise.

Go to bed a little hungry! You'll spend quality time in deep sleep, max your body's natural hormone secretion and wake up ready to tear into the world.

Even if you were starving when you went to bed, you won't be hungry when you wake up.

Number 5 I am not hungry but I need something to eat.

 Careful, careful.  Food is the good girls and boys drug. It can take the place of interest, excitement, stimulation, happiness and all kinds of other things. Don’t eat your feelings, because after you are done eating, all you'll feel is guilt.


Number 6 Skipping meals and waiting until you are starving. 

Dietary pundits say you should eat 5 or 6 small meals for a reason. You eat less and this is what your body was designed for.

 If you wait until you are ravenous, I guarantee you, you will make poor food choices, especially if there is any prep time involved. You'll probably head for the nearest McArby's!

 And under no circumstances, should you go food shopping, when you are hungry. You'll grab all the wrong food, eat them on the way home and, betcha can't eat just one.

 So, having the perfect body is really more about mindfulness, than it is about discipline.

 You'll "Just Do It"!

And you know what, after a few weeks, it will be habit and you won't even think twice about it. If you need that extra little, or maybe BIG push to get you started and keep you on track, Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace may be just the boost you need.