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About Dr. Dave’s Best

What is Dr. Dave’s Best?

How old is Dr. Dave’s Best?

Why Dr. Dave's Best?

Why are Dr. Dave’s Best pharmaceutical-grade supplements more advanced than other dietary supplements?

What are Dr. Dave’s Best quality control standards?

Does the label accurately document the capsule contents in the bottle?

What specific needs do you address with dietary supplements and cosmetics?

Do I need to worry about magnesium stearate used in some capsules?

What about other ingredients, on the supplement labels?

Are there any ingredients in your dietary supplements that I should be concerned about?

Ordering, Payments and Shipping

What methods of payment do you offer?

What are my shipping charges?

How do I order Dr. Dave’s Best supplements?

Do you accept returns?


How do I keep abreast of the latest special events at Dr. Dave’s Best?