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If you were only allowed one nutritional or vitamin supplement, what would it be?
As a physician who has devoted much of his career to the study of supplements, the answer is easy: Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. Simply put, the benefits of fish oil are mind-boggling.

When I first began doing research on fish oil, I was shocked at how many benefits have been substantiated in scientific studies. In my office I have a 58-page file and each page contains abstracts from at least 9 scientific studies representing over 50 years of research. I have reviewed thousands of articles on the subject. I could fill a small room in my house with the research from the thousands of article I have reviewed on the subject of fish oil.

Here’s the SHORT LIST of what I found:

  • Fish oil prevents second heart attacks better than any drug it was tested against!
  • Fish oil is probably the best “medicine ” available to prevent sudden cardiac death!
  • Fish oil makes aspirin’s “blood thinning” benefits look like a joke. And those who cannot tolerate aspirin will have no problem with the taste of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil (not to be confused with normal grade fish oil bought in stores, which usually leaves a bad aftertaste).
  • Fish oil has been used effectively in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Fish oil improves memory, I.Q. and helps obliterate age related memory lapses.
  • Fish oil helps people with multiple sclerosis.
  • Fish oil plays a key role in brain development. In a Scottish study conducted with young children, fish oil improved cognitive and visual skills – making them smarter than kids who did not use it!
  • Fish oil lowers blood pressure. I know this for a fact as several years back
    when I went on this longevity quest (after being diagnosed with high blood pressure) I used it successfully on myself. Then I gave it to my mother and it helped her, too. Then I gave it to my patients with the same result.
  • Fish oil reduces the incidence of stroke caused by clotting of brain blood vessels!
  • Fish oil lowers triglycerides and raises good HDL cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Fish oil is a very potent antioxidant and one of the few that cross the blood-
    brain barrier. I call it the ultimate antioxidant and in many cases, the only one you may need!
  • Fish oil improves personality, mood, and mental disorders!
  • Fish oil is a potent natural anti-depressant!
  • Fish oil improves the health of cartilage and joints!
  • Fish oil improves the ratio of testosterone to its metabolite, DHT, and in studies was shown to be useful in treating prostate, breast and colon
  • cancers.
  • Because fish oil simultaneously improves hormone levels and improves the health of your joints, it is the perfect anti-aging supplement as well as a superb supplement for athletes, speeding recovery time from hard workouts!
  • Fish oil balances hormonal levels in the body, which has many benefits – one of which is a much sounder, deeper sleep, so that you wake up in the morning feeling totally refreshed and invigorated!
  • Fish oil reduces inflammation in the lungs and can be used to treat allergies, asthma and eczema.

In my experience with patients and customers around the world, I have seen the amazing and seemingly endless benefits of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. I could tell you stories of Alzheimer’s patients whose memories improved. I could tell you about the patients both young and old who noticed their minds and memories were sharper. Many people have noticed they don’t have to write everything down all the time any more. I’ve heard of improvements in everything from cards to careers. One patient tells me this product has helped him be more decisive and creative in his business dealings.

I know body builders, weight lifters and runners whose joints are less achy and sore after workouts allowing them to improve their performance. I have asthma patients who are breathing freely now because of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

Sometimes patients teasingly ask me, “Dr. Dave, is there anything fish oil doesn’t cure or at least help?” My answer is, “Yes, unfortunately it will not cure the ignorance of people who won’t give it a try.

The research on the benefits of fish oil and Omega 3* fatty acids is overwhelming. It may be the most important supplement you can take for overall health and anti-aging. Studies have shown that fish oil may help:

  • Fight heart attack and stroke
  • Fight Alzheimers and helps improve memory and IQ
  • Provide blood-thinning, anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Improve mood and fights depression
  • Benefit joints and cartilage health
  • Improve blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Balance hormones

*Total Omega 3 content of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil is 1000mg per capsule, with 300EPA and 200DHA.


Patients sometimes ask about common fish oil brands you can find in drugstores and catalogs, which are sometimes less costly. I explain that fish oil is a lifetime supplement and the quality of what we put in our bodies is critical for our health over the long term. Our process in making Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil assures purity and removes all the toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium metals that are often found in “food grade” fish oil brands.

Beware of reports that all fish oil brands are OK. The levels of detection used for these reports are so low and so poor that, frankly, pond scum might pass for a pure product. Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil product is PURE – and I mean PURE to the parts per billion.

Our product does contain cod and mackerel, but no shark or tilefish, which can be found in store-bought brands and adds mercury and ammonia, which accounts for the fishy taste “bad breath” side effect. (Some patients nearly vomit from common varieties of fish oils, or burp and belch for hours they don’t know that this is completely unnecessary. You will not have that problem with Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.)

Store-bought brands are also loaded with vitamin A ,which has been shown to accelerate osteoporosis at the hip. Finally, many of my patients who tried store and catalog brands were very disappointed when they did not get the same results they had gotten while on our Pharmaceutical Grade product.

Click here for more information on the Fish Oil Purity Analysis.


Many patients wonder if flax oil might not offer the same benefits as fish oil. In fact, there is some evidence in studies that link flax oil with increased incidence of prostate cancer, and by virtue of similar hormonal pathways, there should be some concern about breast cancer.

There have been far fewer studies showing the benefit of flax oil (or olive oil, for that matter) than for fish oil. Flax oil is an Omega 3 fatty acid, but its a short chain compound. The human body requires long chain fatty acids. While flax oil can be converted by the body to long chain, it is slow and very inefficient. In short flax seed oil is a poor source of Omega 3’s for humans.

Dr. Dave's Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil


“I am an LAPD police officer and have always maintained my fitness. As I had been experiencing a higher level of stress due to my assignment (Patrol FTO-Field Training Officer) and I was about to turn 40, I began to wonder if I was really doing as much as possible to maintain my health. I used the Combat Conditioning Course and in turn was introduced to Dr. Dave. Due to my investigative nature, I read the information in the website and the daily e-tips for a month before I began to take the Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. It wasn’t until the 3rd month of taking it that I began to notice significant changes in my physique, attitude and stress level. They all changed for the better. I recently began with my tenth trainee in less than two years. I also began to preach the benefits to my partners and most importantly my parents and family. I started on the fitness path a long time ago and now with your help, I will stay fit for life!
–Vince Fontes

“After using Dr. Dave’s Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil for a couple of months now, some of the weight I managed to gain last Christmas has been slipping off my body. Between the fish oil and a fairly reasonable diet of healthy foods, I’ve lost 23 pounds. I believe that one of the primary reasons for the weight loss is the fish oil. I’m not a chemist, but I do know the addition of the fish oil to my normal diet has helped me to break through a barrier that had prevented additional weight loss. I would definitely recommend Dr. Dave’s Fish Oil for your health’s sake.”
–Jeffrey Jones, Wake Forest, NC

“Hi, my name is Gary and I started using Dr. Dave’s Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil supplement about a month ago. I am 54 years old and have energy I have not seen for over eight years. I lost five pounds in three weeks and expect to lose a lot more, but more importantly I have the desire and confidence to do so. Dr. Dave’s Fish Oil is truly remarkable! Thanks, Dr. Dave.”
–Gary Sarver, Covington, LA

“Dear Doctor David, I stay regular with Dr. Dave’s Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil! And, just a reminder, Dr. Dave’s Fish Oil is great for pets too! Thanks for everything.
–Gary L. Egan, Fleetwood, PA

“Almost two years ago I had brain surgery to remove a lesion that was bleeding and slowly filling my brain with blood and scar tissue. Basically, I was having a really slow stroke at 33 years old. What led to the surgery was an average day of 4-5 simple partial seizures, 10-15 on a bad day and more than 100 on the worst day. Since then I have been put on a few different kinds of “poison” (medication) to keep the seizures from coming back. The side effects were worse than having the seizures! No sex drive, depression, weight gain, stupidity, and did I mention no sex drive? I’m 33 and married to a beautiful woman! Not to mention that I still had seizures every once in a while. I made a decision to take myself off the medication (much to my doctor’s chagrin) and eat as healthy as I could, exercise, get enough sleep, and take your Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil every day. I have not had a seizure since. The healthy living and fish oil gave me my life back. I have lost 25 pounds, done a triathlon, and get to run with my wife again. We are training for an Olympic distance triathlon in July, the last one I did before my surgery. I am also training for the St. George Marathon in October. I will do it 25 months from the date of my surgery. I will also beat my personal record by more than 20 minutes at the rate I am going!”
–Matthew Baker

“I have been taking your fish oil for only about one week now, but I have to tell you something amazing has happened as a result. I have had severe insomnia since childhood. My parents even had me checked by doctors and no one could help me. I normally get three hours of sleep a day total. Ever since I started your product I have literally doubled my sleep, and slept straight through.”
–Jo Cavanaugh, San Antonio, TX

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your fish oil and how helpful its been to me. I play a lot of bridge. soon after I started your fish oil my friends started accusing me of taking Bridge lessons. My game got so much better. At first I thought it was a fluke, but then I realized your fish oil helped my memory so much that it improved my Bridge game. I held up the bottle to show my friends when they asked my what “secret” bridge course I had taken. The only problem is I lost my advantage because they are now all taking it. I should have kept my mouth shut! I also wanted to thank you for my great cholesterol levels, again brought about by your Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. My cholesterol has dropped over 80 points! I no longer have to take prescription medicine for it.
–Mae Kutz, 86, Reading, PA

“Just got the fish oil. Very nice product indeed! It even smells better than those commercial offerings, and the results are terrific. I will keep ordering on a regular basis.”
–David Copeland, Albany, NY

“I am not one to take anything unless I am practically dying. I have had chronic pains in my wrists (carpal tunnel) and shoulders. I also have acid reflux. Not only did your fish oil not bother my reflux, but my joints have started to feel better and better. My energy level is increased and my concentration is much better. Thank you for this product, because up until I started taking it I really thought my body was falling apart! I feel so much better now and I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next. Thank you for sharing your gift,”
–Barbara Powels Bowen, San Diego, CA

I am Stefano Agostini, customer from Italy. I have used four capsules of fish oil (and the two packages of Instant Endurance) every day for one month now, and I had two main effects, one of them really unexpected. First, I have been surprisingly health and well, considering that I am 49, a professional Martial Arts instructor, and I train three to five hours every day, with a lot of old problems in joints. In fact, I started my work again in this month, despite the fact that autumn weather is not good for health and joints. Second, and this really surprised me, my memory all of a sudden began to work a lot better than before: one day I was able, for the first time , to remember all the names of my old schoolmates of the psychoanalysis school (I am a psychologist). It really surprised me, and, from then, I began to remember a lot of small things of my life very well. I think that I’ll take your Fish Oil for the rest of my life.”
–Stefano Agostini, Firenze Italy

“Here in Iceland we eat a lot of fish. I was not very inclined to take a fish oil pill, but when I visited the US on business, a customer of yours (my sister) gave me a bottle to try. She told me it might help my arthritis and my macular degeneration. I also read your newsletters and was surprised to learn about all the pollutants in our fish. I am happy to report that my joints feel much better and there has been no decline in my eyesight. No one is as overjoyed as I am, except maybe my eye doctor!”
–John Frantz, Reyjavik, Iceland

“Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve benefited from your Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. Ever since taking it, I’ve noticed some great improvements, most noticeably in my workouts. It has almost an anabolic quality to it: I can workout more because I’m recovering so much better. Increasing the intensity and duration of my workouts without burning out is what every athlete wants. I’ve noticed strength gains, greater joint mobility, higher energy, greater alertness, and I sleep better at night. I feel younger and healthier. Thanks a million, Doc!”
–Ed Baran, Portland, OR

“I feel more alert. I sleep better. I also have that really refreshing feeling you get when you finish a workout after I take a few at the same time. My mother, my wife and my brother all love the product. $62.95 a month for well-being and staying young will pay for itself over and over.”
–Mark Nikolaelezaj, Roseville, MI


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