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On Father’s Day

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There are some years I just can’t bring myself to write this kind of email.  It’s not that I am so devastated by the loss of my dad well over a decade ago.  It’s mostly that I have nothing to … Read More

Sex, Drugs, Coffee, Creativity, and Sleep- The Inconvenient Truth!

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If you missed the Sleep Seminar the other night you missed one of our all time greats. I established what will become at least an “occasional precedent” in that we had a guest expert, Dr.  Michael Breus, on board for … Read More

Singing the Telomere Tune Part 2

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So I wanted to step off my soap box for Part 2 and review some very important telomere based stuff in the news. This stuff is brand new so here goes. My friend and super scientist in Madrid Maria Blasco … Read More

My Time with Muhammad Ali

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My friend Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3rd at the age of 74. When I was a pudgy early teen I went to see Muhammad Ali. Accompanying me were my trusty Mamiya Sekor SLR camera and my wonderful grandfather who … Read More

Telomeres- Singing the Tune

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I wrote my portion of the Immortality Edge months before its release in late 2010. It was an interesting experience as no one really knew what to do with the information-even though we spelled it out! My co authors Mike … Read More

Fitness Then and Now!

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Will you take a short journey back in time with me.  I want to share some personal reflections with you that will help you get what you want out of life and from your body.  I want to help you … Read More

Worthless Supplement Could Save Millions

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Have you read my blog titled “As I Lay Dying”? That was not the first blog I have written of its type but it is illustrative. Illustrative of what?! Illustrative of the crappy science that the media pumps out to … Read More

Sterile Whole Body Inflammation- A Bone to Pick

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You can look as far back in my blogs as you like.  You can go back to the oft forgot blogspot stuff from 2003 and find evidence of what I am about to tell you. Let me give you just … Read More

Telomeres in the News Again

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Telomeres have been in the headlines again for many reasons.  Several additional diseases have been shown to have associated telomere shortening. But the most exciting and controversial news centers around Liz Parrish the woman who injected herself with viral vectors … Read More

Neither Sick Nor Tired! Omega 3 at Opposite Ends of Life’s Spectrum

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You may wonder what congestive heart failure and pregnancy have in common. The answer is: even though they tend to occur at opposite ends of life they both benefit from Omega 3 supplementation. In this past week,  yet another study … Read More

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